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Nissan has issued the following Technical Service Bulletins addressing Titan Brake Problems:

2004 - 2005 Titan and Armada; Brake Judder
IF YOU CONFIRM: While braking, especially when braking at highway speeds: · A steering wheel shake, · Body vibration, or · Brake pedal pulsation (also known as "brake judder"). ACTIONS: Check the brake pedal "free height"; adjust as necessary. Install and "index" new front brake rotors. If needed, install new front brake caliper Torque Members and new Sliding Pin Kits. Install the new front brake pad kit, which includes new "coated" pad retainers and metal backing shims. Resurface the rear brake rotors and install the new rear brake pad kit. "Burnish" the brake pads. See this bulletin for further detail.
2004-2005 Titan and Armada; Brake Pedal "Feel"- Pedal Height Adjustment
IF YOU CONFIRM: The customer says the brake pedal feels "Mushy", "Soft", or the pedal stroke feels too long, ACTIONS: 1. Check and adjust the brake pedal height. 2. If adjustment of the brake pedal height does not correct the "pedal feel", refer to ASIST for additional brake inspection and repair information. See this bulletin for further detail.
Nissan; Brake Noise/Judder/Pedal Feel Diagnosis And Repair
SERVICE INFORMATION This bulletin is to assist you in responding to customer questions about brake operation, and provides diagnostic and repair information for each item listed, if any should occur. Most brake incidents fall into the following categories: a. Brake Noise: A squeak, squeal, clunk, or groan that occurs when the brakes are applied or released. b. Brake Judder: A vibration that can be felt in the vehicle, steering wheel, or brake pedal when the brakes are applied. c. Pedal Feel:The effort needed to operate the brakes is too high or too low. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Verify the condition by road testing the vehicle with the customer. 2. Determine the specific brake incident based on the description in the Service Information above. 3. Follow the appropriate repair procedure(s), listed on the following pages, for your specific incident. See this bulletin for further details.
Nissan; On-Car Brake Rotor Resurfacing
If YOU CONFIRM: A vehicle needs to have the brake rotors resurfaced (front or rear), ACTION: Use the ProCut™ PFM Series on-car brake lathe to perform brake rotor resurfacing and follow the tips listed in this bulletin.


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